Monday, 18 July 2011

Monday 18th July
We awoke this morning to the sound of yet more rain on the cabin roof. Unfortunately our toilet cans are filling up and the nearest can dump is at Wheelock, two days away so a decision to move had to be made.
Under leaden skies and constant drizzle we plodded  on towards Middlewich where we stopped to do some shopping and had lunch.
This afternoon we set off intending to go a few more miles before the evening. Just around the corner from our lunchtime stop there is a lock and a rubbish disposal point marked on the map. We cast off and Cath took the helm while I took a bag of rubbish and a lock handle and walked what was to be the few hundred yards to the lock. Just around the corner I discovered two things. 1. the rubbish disposal doesn't exist,it's been closed, and 2. the queue for the lock was about 6 boats long.
A quick decision was made and we reversed back up the cut and moored up for the night. The wait for all those boats to go through would have been over an hour so we felt it wasn't worth it and we'll get an early start tomorrow.

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