Monday, 4 July 2011

Monday 4th July
Happy Independence Day to any Americans reading this.
We've now had a couple of glorious days of wall to wall sunshine. The weatherman is giving dire predictions of rain to come.
Sunday we moved off from Middlewich and chugged along enjoying the sunshine to near Wincham where we moored up, once again out in the quiet countryside. For Cath the men's final at Wimbledon was the order of the afternoon, while I stuck another coat of paint on the box at the back. I had thought that the cream colour would blend in better than it has but it's too late now, I certainly won't be redoing it in blue for a long time yet.
This morning was once again full sunshine as we made our way to the Anderton Lift. A quick visit to the booking office and I was told we could have the next slot which was only 30 minutes away so there was only time to stuff an ice cream down me before we were loading into the caisson and on our way.
As always, to someone with a love of mechanical things the trip was fascinating and we're now down on the river and moored up in Northwich.
If we ever get a decent fast internet connection around here I will post some pics of Northwich. The town has some interesting features in that many of the buildings look Tudor, but there is a solid reason for the style. Because of centuries of salt extraction from underground there is a lot of subsidence causing the collapse of may conventional buildings. Timber framing allows the building to be shored up if the ground starts to fall away.

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