Saturday, 2 July 2011

Saturday 2nd July
Yesterday we set off again heading south, past the Anderton Lift. The weather wasn't too bad as we cruised along through the countryside. There's a lot of boats out travelling these days and it's not unusual to meet oncoming traffic at a bridge and one of you has to stop to allow passage. It usually is an easy decision, but occasionally you both end up stopping and then there's a competition to see who can be the most polite as you wave each other through.
Last night we moored out in the country, lovely and quiet. I got some painting done on the tool box/seat on the back deck. The varnish has been in a poor state for some time now and I've finally plucked up the go, drive and ambition to do something about it.
This morning, in bright sunshine, we set off for Middlewich. The journey was done in just over 2 hours and the sun has continued to shine for a change. After arriving I got stuck in to applying another coat of paint to the box and then went into town for a bit of a wander around. Cath has settled in front of the tele for the Wimbledon Ladies final, while I sit in the shade and type this.

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