Thursday, 29 September 2011

 Trams in busy central Sheffield
 Visitor mooring in Sheffield

"The straddle" a warehouse built over the canal basin
Over the last couple of days in Sheffield we made good use of the tram system. First taking a trip out to Meadowhall where we met up with Gail and Derek again, this time accompanied by my Aunt Bobbie and Gail's sister Joy who we haven't seen for years. Yesterday I made 2 runs by tram to Hillsborough where there is a Morrisons store, we had to replace the wine those little toads swiped.
This morning we got an early start, leaving the mooring before 8 o'clock in order to reach the top of the lock flight by 9 o'clock. We made it with plenty of time to spare.
Dave, the friendly lock keeper in charge of the flight, had already started to unlock and set up some of the locks ready for us and we were soon on our way.
Cath had been concerned about going down these locks because of our length, but Dave was quite happy with our dimensions and as long as Cath kept it well forward of the cill (sic) we would be ok.
All went like clockwork, we flew down the flight, taking only 3 hours for the 13 locks and 2.5 miles. At Holmes Lock we said farewell to Dave and continued along through Ikles and Rotherham locks finally mooring up above Eastwood lock for the night.
On the way out of Rotherham I spotted a B&Q canalside and after tieing up I took a walk back to it to get some hardware for some of this winter's jobs

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