Tuesday, 30 April 2013

After speaking to the lock keeper this morning we we were told that it would be opened for us at 10.00.
Right on time we noticed the light go green and cast off heading for the bridge. As soon as saw us moving, the keeper closed the road and opened the swing bridge allowing us entry to the lock.

He told us that the tide was a very fast one today, and this would put our departure time back about 10 minutes. His plan was to open the river gates as soon as the level was even, but we should stay in the lock until 10.25.
At about 10.10 the gates opened and we were greeted by the sight of a fast flowing river, it looked quite daunting. At 10.25 he gave us the thumbs up and we powered out into the stream. As soon as we were clear the stream took us and swung the bow around quickly. The boat heeled over with the speed of the turn. When were fully straight and heading in the right direction the GPS was showing 8 MPH. Not as fast as we had once seen while heading to York on the Ouse, but it still seemed like flying after the sedate pace of the canals.
Our journey should take about 1.40 according to the keeper, but the flow was very strong and we arrived at West Stockwith 10 minutes early. The flow was still quite strong so we had to turn in the stream before heading into the lock.

Once safely in and the water leveled out to the canal we were on our way again. Not far this time, only about 1/2 a mile before mooring up for the day. There are boats moored on the offside, and we've moored on the towpath side just passed them. As is common these days the si for des of the canal are very shallow and we can't get the stern close to the bank, but it doesn't matter too much as the canal is wide enough for boats to pass.
Cath is still feeling under the weather so we'll probably not do much tomorrow.

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