Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Tuesday 23rd April 2013
After the disappointment of Saturday I set about doing a bit of painting. Sunday I put the colour coat on the hull side and then made a start in the well deck. Here the deck was looking very sorry where we have been pulling storage boxes in and out from under the seating. The paint had long been worn away and rust had a good hold. The angle grinder soon made short work of the rusty patches and I got a coat of primer on.
Monday I applied one coat of colour and today a second coat finished the job off. Now we must wait at least a day for this to go off before we can put all the stuff back in there. Meanwhile our saloon is cluttered with the boxes and table from in there.
I finally got around to fitting the volt meter to our main battery bank. The hope here is to get a very accurate reading from the bank, without any volt drop associated with the wiring to other components.
We've decided to move off again. Tomorrow we'll go up to the doctor where Cath will try to renew her prescription for the summer, and then we hope to set off for Castleford where I expect to get our new water pump and then over the next few days we'll make our way down onto The Trent and then turn south. We don't need to be back in Leeds until near the end of May.

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