Thursday, 25 April 2013

Thursday 25th April 2013
I don't know what happened to yesterday's post, but it seems to have disappeared into thin air - or into the www.
Anyway, We did set off yesterday. The weather wasn't too bad, at least it wasn't raining. We plodded our way down to Castleford without any drama, other than having to stop at Lemonroyd to remove a plastic bag from the propeller. On the way we spotted the first ducklings we've seen this season, they looked to be about 3 or 4 days old.
Once here at Castleford I called in on Supreme Marine to see if the water pump was still on for delivery and was assured that it was.
This morning we took the waiting time to do a bit of boatwork. I had a go at pumping the bottom of our fuel tank, something I do occasionally to remove any sludge which seems to build up. Following this I then topped up the tank from the barrels we carry.
It's good to have a working elsan disposal point again. Not having one at Clarence dock for the past couple of weeks has been a bit of a pain. The water tank has also been topped off.
The new water pump didn't arrive as promised this morning, and they said it should arrive this afternoon now. I'm losing faith here. If it doesn't arrive by this evening I'll have to get the money back and set off, we can't be sitting around here on a promise.

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