Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunday 28th April 2013
A fairly quiet day today. We've decided not move.
Yesterday we woke to lovely birdsong, and after breakfast turned the corner onto the Stainforth and
Keadby Canal. The first thing you come across here is Bramwith Lock. It's the first manual lock we've operated since last year, and if memory serves me it was the last we did in 2012 as we headed up to Leeds for the winter.
The boater just ahead of us had left a paddle slightly open, so until I realized it I couldn't open the top gates. Once that was sorted we were through and on our way. 200 yards further in is a powered swing bridge and the boater hadn't bothered to wait for us, although he did know we were coming.
The weather turned decidedly inclement after that, the breeze got up and frequent showers, some of hail persisted down. We looked for somewhere to moor, but nothing took our fancy until we reached Thorne. Here there is good spot just after the railway bridge, opposite the marina.
Once we were tied up the weather improved, as it normally does, so I took a wander into town. It's a nice place, with local shops including a butcher and a couple of bakeries. There's a Sainsburys as well. I also had a look at the chandlery in the marina to get some toilet cleaner. It  looks fairly well stocked.
I phoned Keadby Lock this afternoon to get times for locking out onto the Trent for Tuesday or Wednesday, and it seems we've caught it dead right with exits at around 9.00 am.

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