Thursday, 18 April 2013

Thursday 18th April
My apologies for the lack of blogging recently but after the last entry my old friend the chest infection returned with a vengeance. I started taking the emergency drugs which had been supplied to me a couple of years ago with the instruction to get to a doctor if I ever needed to use them.
Returning to Leeds we again entered that "black hole of communication" which is 3 in that area. They tell me that the masts are just overloaded and for the time being its just going to be difficult.
by difficult they mean darn near impossible. I can get some emails, but nothing of any size, they jsut fail to load. Sending is the same, I haven't been able to send one all week.
Anyway, with both of us now needing to see a quack, I visited on Monday and was given a new supply of emergency drugs. The original had done their intended job and cleared up the infection, but I'm still coughing like a 60 a dayer.
Cath went on Wednesday, but the x-rays weren't ready, so had to return on Friday. The outcome was as expected, osteoarthritis, so the first thing is physio, then they may entertain surgery.
This leaves our year a bit up in the air, so maybe it will be just short trips out until we get a definitive answer.
Meantime the ongoing problem of communications continues with no end in sight. If we do move that will improve as we know that outside of this area the service is good.

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