Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sunday 7th April 2013
We've moved at last. Not far, I'll grant, but at least we have stirred the water.
Yesterday I finished off making the new mooring lines and cleaning the roof, while Cath was taken to a garden centre to stock up our roof-top pots.
This morning we've moved off down the Aire & Calder as far as Castleford. Our intention is to stay out until Thursday when we must return to Leeds for Cath's appointment. After that it's anybody's guess as to what we will do. Obviously if she needs more quack time we will be sticking around this area, but if not we will at last set off southward.
As we chugged out of Clarence Dock this morning, Chris and Sally were mooring up on the other side of the dock, having already been out for a run to try to clear some of the smoke that their engine is generating, they were hard at work cleaning the side of Bendigo which can't be reached when moored on their pontoon. Sally tells me that there was a notable improvement in the engine, so there is hope that the smoke will go away altogether eventually. Sally very kindly told Cath to stay on board and she would operate Leeds Lock for us. A new experience for Cath, she's always been on the lockside never on the boat for this lock.
It was a lovely feeling to be on the water again, and the fine weather seems to have brought out the boats. We passed several out on their travels including a boy's club boat that we met at Woodlesford Lock. I could do with loads of rope pullers like that!
At Fishpond Lock, the lock keeper's cottage garden has sprouted some sculptures, in the form of rough wood carvings

Cath got a chance to use our new rope. I wonder how long it will stay white?

At Lemonroyd we passed the sadly defunct fuel terminal where tankers until recently discharged their loads. All that fuel now goes by truck.

We're now tied up at Castleford, just opposite Supreme Marine, where I'll call in tomorrow for a new gas bottle before we carry on to Stanley Ferry.

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