Monday, 8 April 2013

Monday 8th April 2013
We had a lazy lie in this morning, it was 8.45 before we stirred out of bed.
After getting the washing started we moved across the water into Supreme Marine's dock for a gas bottle. They're very busy in there, we had to squeeze in. I don't reckon they could accommodate so much as a rowing boat in there now.
After that we pulled out and moored up near the services while I walked down the road to get a bottle of milk, it was then off through Castleford Lock and on to the Calder and Hebble.
At Whitwood, where the gravel barges get filled up there is a bend in the river. It gets very shallow on the inside of the bend for quite a long way out towards the middle of the navigation. I've been caught here before so remembered to stay well to the outside of the curve.
In Woodnook Lock we were joined by C&RT workboat. The crew very kindly oppereted the next two locks for us, making life very easy.
Stanley Ferry wasn't crowded and we got a mooring easily. You can't pull in close here though because of the sloping sides to the navigation. Once tied up we took ourselves off the The Stanley Ferry for a drink and a spot of lunch. Great value here.

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