Monday, 29 April 2013

Monday 29th May 2013
Just after 9.00 this morning we set off to get to Keadby. The first job was Thorne Lock. it's one of those with a swing bridge which is interlocked with the lock operating system.

After that there's Princess Bridge, a powered pedestrian swing bridge. Here we found it with a notice stuck to it, " Don't try to close the bridge, call this number ***** and someone will come within about 5 minutes."
I rang up and was told that it was ok to open the bridge, just don't try to close it. Leave it and someone will come along to sort it out. The key interlock had been disabled to allow us to take our key even though the bridge was open.
The wind soon got up again, a cold one which stirred up the shower clouds. Once again we saw showers all around us, but only once did drops hit us, and then only a few.
Along this route there are what I think is a rare sight these days. Manned rail crossings

After 9 miles, 6 swing or lift bridges we arrived at a unique obstacle, a sliding rail bridge. I've put a not very good video of it operating on here.

Last time we were here we noticed that when trains went over it they made an awful racket, but at present there is no such problem. The line is shut down due to a major landslip at Stainforth. A spoil tip from Stainforth Colliery shifted due to the heavy rainfall we were experiencing, and the track is out of order until further notice. I had a word with the bridge operator and he agreed that life at present was boring.
We're now moored up hopefully to go through Keadby Lock onto the Trent tomorrow.

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