Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Cleaning out the mess
Tuesday 5th April
Despite the weather forecast we decided to move on today because we were badly beached last night with the boat listing a lot.
Once again the Met Office seems to have got it wrong. All we got were a couple of drops of the promised lots of rain. We made good distance and have stopped about 4 miles from Fazeley Junction.
Yet again our washing machine has played up. This time the over temperature one shot safety failed, it will still wash though, so the next time we are in a big town I must try to find one.
While travelling today we were held up for a while at Hademore Farm Bridge while BW cleaned out some Debris which had fallen in the canal. It looks as if it was the bridge parapet that had fallen in and was getting in the way of the grooves cut into the sides to allow planks to be put in so that parts of the canal can be drained.

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