Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Monday 25th April

We had a terrific weekend up in Leeds. Thanks to John and Sara for picking us up and ferrying us around all weekend. Saturday night's party was a cracker. The venue was Bibi's, an Italian place in the city centre. Very good food and service.

Sunday we went to Kirkstall Abbey park for a picnic. There's a lovely children's playground there and Daniel really enjoyed all the equipment, and so did some of the adults!

Sunday afternoon saw us pounding down the motorway again, on our way back to Hawksbury Junction where we had left the boat. This is the first time in all the years we've owned Lyra that we have left her overnight on a public mooring, but we needn't have worried as she was safe and sound.

Today we moved the boat to Atherstone, allowing us to run the engine for 8 hours which charged the batteries well and getting two wash loads done as well.

Tuesday 26th April

What a change today. We've been spoiled lately with all the unseasonal sunshine but today it was cold and windy. We set off down the Atherstone flight of 11 locks, dropping us 80 ft. This gave us a chance to try out Cath's new lock handle. It's a great success and Cath is very pleased with it. This one combines in one unit the ability to use it as both a short and long handle version so that if a paddle is very stiff the longer throw makes life easier, but on some locks the long handle fouls because there isn't enough clearance so instead of carrying two handles you can just use the different sets of holes in the one.

We've now moored up at Polesworth for the night and will walk into town tomorrow for some shopping.

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