Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Wednesday 6th April

The weatherman got it right for a change! It's been a glorious day. We travelled along in lovely sunshine and some very nice surroundings. At Dunstall Farm Bridge we came across the same team of BW workers as yesterday, doing the same sort of job on this bridge. Vandals have knocked the coping stones from bridge into the canal and they must be retrieved.

After about an hour they finished and let us past to continue along to Fazeley Junction where used the facilities and visited the BW office to check on our licence renewal. We have in the past had some trouble renewing on line because they hadn't sent us a code number. They were very helpful and gave us a phone number to call when the time comes.

After the Junction our lazy mornin came to an end with Glascote Locks, just two of them raising the canal 13' 8”. Above the locks, even though it is still in Tamworth, the canal remains very pretty and it seems a lot of work has been done to keep it nice. The tow path is in excellent order.

We carried on as far as Polesworth where we have decided to moor for the night. A delightful little town with an interesting history; There are the remains of a 10th Century abbey here where Egbert, the first Saxon King of England built a nunnery.

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