Friday, 22 April 2011

Moored at Hawksbury
Align Centre
Pretty cast iron bridge at Hawksbury

Friday 22nd April

Happy birthday to Liz for today, we'll see you tomorrow. This morning, after a slightly disturbed night we set off hoping to get a mooring at Hawksbury Junction (Sutton Stop) so that John can pick us up and take us to Leeds for the weekend.

Yesterdays decision to move into the basin in Coventry wasn't a great success. Cath was worried all night about someone might come and do something to the boat, as can happen in city centre locations. There was some sort of club close by which I hadn't noticed when I decided it was OK to stay here, but actually there wasn't too much noise and the party goers were no problem at all. The only real disturbance was at 6.30 in the morning some charmless nerks banged on the boat yelling I'll have a coffee with 2 sugars. Not too bad for the location I suppose. Sometimes you just wish you could push them into the canal whenever they do something like that.

Our run to Hawksbury this morning was calm and peaceful in the glorious sunshine, which is promised to continue for some time yet. We managed to get a very good place, only a few yards from the Junction itself and within easy reach of the road for when John comes to pick us up.

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