Friday, 29 April 2011

Friday 29th April

The day dawned cool and overcast. We set off intending to get to Fradley Junction. As we dawdled along the day slowly brightened up. Very slowly! In fact the sun didn't really come out until we were ready to moor up near Fradley.

On the way this morning we passed 'Sanity Again', our friends and erstwhile neighbours from Great Haywood. They were going the other way and the wind was blowing a bit too strongly to stop for a chat so we just had time to wave and yell greetings.

We decided to moor up before Fradley Junction because it's usually crowded there and getting a mooring is never assured. We got a nice spot quite close to Fradley village and I decided to take a walk to the shop for an ice cream and a look around. It must be some sort of public holiday because it was shut up tight. I think someone's getting married today.

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