Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Tyrell 6 wheeler & Thrust SST
Wednesday 20th April
Yesterday we finished travelling down the Ashby and rejoined the Coventry Canal heading for Coventry itself.
Passing Hawksbury Junction we entered the last part of this canal as it dead ends in Coventry at The Basin.
You are soon aware that you're approaching an urban area. Rubbish in the canal increases dramatically and supermarket trolleys don't appear to make good boats no matter how often people try to float them.
The last time we were here was over 10 years ago with a hire boat. The canal has definitely improved since then, despite my earlier comment it is cleaner than it used to be.
We continued all the way to the basin at the end then turned around and have moored up just outside.
This morning we walked into the centre to do some shopping, Cath bought shoes and I got another pair of trousers to wear to Liz's birthday party on Saturday. In the afternoon I returned to town and visited the Motor Museum. This is a great place for petrol heads like me and I've included a couple of pictures from it.

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