Sunday, 17 April 2011

Wednesday 13th to Sunday 17th April

We've had a very pleasant few days cruising up this dead ended canal. The countryside is quite pretty and as spring advances the greens get more intense.

At the end of the canal there is a small cabin selling memorabilia to raise money so that the restoration can continue. We were told that some work will start again in May and will continue until the money runs out again. Their goal is to reach Measham which is the next reasonable sized town, where people can get some shopping done. One of the down sides of this canal is the lack of shopping within easy reach of the tow path. At present the only places are at Hinckley and Market Bosworth, neither of which are really canal side.

On Friday night Paul and Jacqui arrived for a weekend visit. Having access to a car made it easy for us to go for a takeaway that night. Saturday we chugged down to Sutton Wharf where the café does a fine menu. After lunch we took a little stroll to find a geocach before heading back to the Market Bosworth mooring where we decided on a BBQ. Big mistake! While cycling along the tow path Paul had managed to get a puncture in his bicycle tyre so we had to drive to a Halfords to get a repair kit. Almost next door there was a Morrison's store so we dropped in and among other things bought a disposable BBQ. The thing was a disaster. We have used these before, to good effect, but this one was useless and we ended up cooking our steaks in a frying pan. These steaks had been bought at the local butcher in Market Bosworth and they were absolutely fabulous.

Sunday we all piled into Paul's car and went off searching for geocaches. As I've said before this is a great way to see places you would never visit normally. Market Bosworth is a lovely town with a great park area, complete with small lake. There are several geocach sites around the area and got around to 7 of them. Later we went to Sutton Cheney and found a pub to have lunch in.

When we finally returned to the boat it was time for them to pack up and start off home.

Tomorrow we'll head off down the Ashby towards the Coventry Canal again and then into Coventry itself.

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