Saturday, 17 September 2011

 Lock gates being made at Stanley Ferry
 Twin aqueducts over The River Caulder at Stanley Ferry
Lyra moored at Stanley Ferry
Saturday 17th September
Yesterday I took a walk around the mooring here at Stanley Ferry. The BW yard here makes lock gates that are used all over the country. They kindly allowed me to get in and take some pics, one of which is shown above.
I once again I took the bus into Wakefield to do some retail therapy. I was down to only one pair of jeans that didn't have holes in, so I treated myself to a new pair. I also found a DVD copy of the final instalment of  'The Girl' trilogy, The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest. We've been waiting for it drop in price and at last it has.
Despite the dire predictions of those comedians at the Met Office, who had said it would rain nearly all day, there was hardly a drop all day long. 
Today was going to be similar, but it dawned quite fine so we set off heading once again for Castleford. The rain held off for most of the trip, but as is par for the cours,e the last few minuets when you're mooring up it tipped down.
We've changed our minds again about plans for the next few weeks. The on and off idea of going to Sheffield before mooring up for the winter is once more on again. The trip should take about 7 to 10 days depending on the weather. Most of the trip will be on large canal/river navigations. The last bit of the journey into Sheffield will be through smaller locks, with a maximum length of 60ft, so we'll be a bit tight.

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