Monday, 26 September 2011

Tuesday26th September
We had wonderful day here in Sheffield right up until about 4.00 pm.
In lovely sunshine we wandered into town for a look around. Cath's memories of her home town served well, even though a great deal has changed here. We lunch just outside the Crucible Theatre before going back to the boat. We expected to meet Gail and Derek this evening and go out to eat, but about 2.00 they turned up unexpectedly and we were having a lovely catch up session with them when Cath sensed the boat move and said she thought someone was on board.

I went to back to see a bit of a mess and 3 kids legging it off down the towpath and noticed some wine was missing. I followed, but no chance I could catch them. I stopped a cyclist coming the other way and asked if he'd seen anyone running along with bottles of wine and he said that he'd seen 3 asian lads. I went further and asked some fishermen and they told the same story, so I went back to the boat to see what they'd done. They'd had our 2 way radios and several bottles of wine away.
The utter gaul! while we were on board! It just means that even when we're here we must lock the back doors.
Derek and Gail left us about 5.00 and we arranged to meet up with them and her mother at Meadowhall tomorrow.

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