Monday, 12 September 2011

 The River Aire at Leeds
 Clarence Dock at night
Going under the M1 near Leeds
Monday 12th September
Our time in Leeds was very good. We did a bit of shopping courtesy of Damon and car, had a meal at Pizza Hut (haven't had one of these for ages) with Daniel, mum and dad as well.
I took myself off to the Leeds Industrial Museum. It's an interesting place, but could be so much more, it needs a lot of investment from the council or the community.
We paid for an extra night in Clarence Dock and on Saturday we cast off and headed down the Aire & Caulder as far as Woodlesford.
The navigation passes through an area of industry, some if it derelict, but mostly modern units. Soon the scenery changes and becomes rural. The river here is commercial, but the chance of passing heavy traffic is almost zero. As we travel further though we come across an oil terminal, the locks get bigger and although this time we don't see one, the last time we were here one of these monsters did come through.
Sunday we continued down the river as far as Castleford. I took a walk into town and was just thinking there was nothing here I turned a corner and found it. Being Sunday a lot of it was shut but it was worth the trip.
Today (Monday), we woke up to find that the weather forecasts had been correct for a change, the wind was howling around so we decided to sit tight for the day.

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