Friday, 2 September 2011

Looking up Bingley 5 Rise

Friday 2nd September
Another easy day today, but as we prepared to set off this morning one of our mooring pins broke when I tried to pull it out. Luckily we had moored up only about 5 minutes from Puffer Parts, a good chandlery, with a mooring, right on the canal edge. With a new pin on board we then set off.
The first swing bridge was a struggle, but after that there were 3 electric powered bridges, so life got easy. The canal guide reckons that this is the last of the beautiful views. After the Bingley locks the canal is obviously a lot lower in the landscape and the surroundings become more built up and industrial.
We weren't sure if we were going to use the locks today and when we arrived the hand played itself. Some brainless louts had drained the pound below the 3 rise and nothing was moving while BW refilled it.
It's now 4.00pm and traffic has started again so we'll go down tomorrow.

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