Thursday, 8 September 2011

Thursday 8th September
We attempted to set off for Leeds on Tuesday, but the wind was so bad it made manoeuvring all but impossible, so we settled down for the day.
Wednesday was a bit better so we set off. The wind wasn't too bad but the showers were fairly frequent and heavy at times. By the time we reached Clarence Dock we were well knackered. The end to the saga was, as we went into the dock and I tried to get alongside, the wind whipping around the buildings suddenly caught us and I had to give up and turn the boat around to get another run at it.
This morning I went across to the BW offices and bought an electricity card, so we're now plugged in and that I don't have to run the engine for washing etc.
Tonight we're joining with Damon, Liz and Daniel to go out for a meal.

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