Saturday, 3 September 2011

Saturday 3rd September
It's a good thing we didn't want an early start this morning. We had intended to set off after 9.00 but when we moved from our overnight  mooring to the facilities area the lock keeper came along and told us that vandals had once again drained one of the pounds and it would be around midday before anyone could move. There are times when you wish there were a few more red-necks around with their brand of rough justice. Just one more rant to my tally.
We waited while the traffic built up and took morning snacks in the adjacent cafe. Some of the boats decided they had better things to do and turned around rather than wait.
Midday came and the lock keeper duly started letting boats down. Although we had been first in the queue there were a couple of hire boats waiting, and they are always on a time budget so we let them go first, we're in no hurry.
After completing both the 5 and 3 rise locks we moored up in Bingley, alongside the Damart factory just to do a bit of shopping. Several people had told us not to moor in Bingley tonight because there was a music festival and it was LOUD, so after that we moved on a short distance to a pub with a good looking menu and we'll eat out tonight.

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