Saturday, 24 September 2011

Saturday 24th September
We had a pleasant short journey today. Only going from Swinton to Eastwood Lock, just outside Rotherham. BW recommend this as the safe mooring for Rotherham although it is quite a way outside.
The river we travelled this morning was quite pleasant. To say this is a fairly industrial area, the river is quiet and rural. While some of it is artificial cut, a fair bit of it is still the old river course and winds gently through tree lined banks
We've booked our ascent of The Tinsley Flight for tomorrow afternoon. This is one of the few lock flights where you must have a BW keeper in attendance. Whether it's an armed guard to get us through a rough area, or just to make sure we handle everything right I don't know, but the book doesn't recommend mooring from where we are now until reaching Sheffield Basin. So the locals must be dangerous!!

I've now tried out the new oil change pump and it's great. No more struggling with a hot hand pump, just plug in and turn it on. Now if only I could could get an auto filter changer..........

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