Thursday, 1 September 2011

Nice canalside properties at Silsden
Wednesday, Thursday, 31 August 1st September
The year seems to be rushing on at a great pace. Here it is September already, at least the sun is still shining on us today.
Yesterday in Skipton we enjoyed some good weather and had another look around the place, Cath stocked up her medicines at the local quack and I managed to get a new knob end for our tiller after it had been broken off in a fight with a lock wall. I spent about an hour fitting it to the tiller and then got the first coat of varnish on it. I'll get another two on it today if I get myself off my backside.
Our trip today took us along more of this long lockless section of canal. That doesn't mean it's all cruising and no work though. there are lots of swing bridges to operate, although we did have the company of a day boat, crewed by a large group of novices. It was fun watching their antics as they managed the steep learning curve. At least they did share the bridge duties. There were also several work crews out with scoop mounted JCBs doing a great job of dredging. At one of the swing bridges some pratt had parked his car in such a way that the bridge could not be opened and we had to wait for him to return to his vehicle. He was lucky not to get his car damaged by the handle of the bridge in our attempt to swing it.
We've moored out in the country for tonight, lovely views as usual. Tomorrow is Bingley 5 rise and 3 rise staircase locks.

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