Sunday, 18 September 2011

 The sprawling site of Ferrybridge Power Station
Motoring past the power station
Sunday 18th September
Setting off this morning we travelled down the short pound from the flood lock to Bulholme Lock where we rejoin the river. Unusually the lock keeper was in attendance and we didn't have to do a thing.
Back on the river the scene from the water was an initially uninspiring sight of old slag heaps, admittedly landscaping has been done. This soon improved, and we passed close to Fairburn Ings Nature Reserve and the view got better all the time. Passing Ferrybridge Power Station you get a good view of the place, and some idea of its size.
At Ferrybridge Flood Lock the river goes off to the left and we once again are back onto a canalised section. In fact that is the last we will see of the river as the rest of The Aire & Caulder is completely canal.
Just after the flood lock the waterway splits, one way rejoins the river and heads for Selby, but we turned right towards Goole.
Soon we pass an unusual sight for England these days, a coal mine. Kellingley Colliery, I suspect, supplies coal to the 2 local power stations Ferrybridge and Eggborough.
At Eggborough we have moored up for the night, right next to the local railway station.

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