Monday, 16 April 2012

A cold morning at East Marton

Can't get enough of these views

I don't think she'll float again

Bridge 147 L&L Canal

Monday 16th April 2012
Another fine morning today as we set off heading for the summit of the L&L Canal. A pretty trip through the countryside and then only 3 locks to climb before we are on the top. This time we didn't stop at Barnoldswick, but motored straight through. Soon we passed a signpost showing the border between Yorkshire and Lancashire so we knew we were close to Foulridge tunnel. We decided to stop here rather than continue through the tunnel today.
I had a bit of a clean around the windows while the sun still shone. All the splashing from facing lots of leaky lock gates on the rise to the summit had left our windows decidedly dull, specially the front one. I then took the camera to see if I could find anything worth a picture.
I'm still very impressed with the service from 3 network. I haven't found a spot yet where I don't get a good signal, yet my Orange phone signal fails often.
Not sure whether we'll stay here tomorrow, the weather report isn't too good, but you never know.

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