Friday, 6 April 2012

Friday 6th April 2012
The fine weather hasn't lasted. We awoke this morning to dull grey skies and threatening rain. Setting off just after 9.00 for the short, steep run to East Marton, just under 5 miles and 9 locks away.
It was a fairly easy run, the canal is quite busy, it being Easter holiday time, and most of the locks were in our favour, or actually ready for us.
East Marton is a tiny village, close to the summit level of this canal. There is one pub and a small cafe/restaurant which sells the most divine cakes and pies. Just as I set off from there back to the boat the rain started, light at first,  and luckily I got back before it got worse. As I write this it's looking decidedly damp outside. the forecast for tomorrow is a 20% chance of rain throughout the day, so it's fingers crossed. We intend to go only as far as the summit and then turn around because Paul and Jacqui are coming to visit and if we keep going in this direction we'll be into industrial landscape and reckon that Gargrave and Skipton are a better bet.
I was hoping to post a short video today but although I shot it, and can play it, it won't upload properly. Back to the drawing board, I blame Bill Gates, and that's for everything that goes wrong when I touch a computer!!

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