Monday, 30 April 2012

Monday 30th April 2012
Up early (for us anyway)  and make use of the the facilities here at the top lock before starting down the 21 locks we hope to do today.
Luckily another boat turns up, 'Little Mester', with Pete and Pat, intending to go down so we now have a pair for the work ahead.
At about 9.00 we're all ready and the work starts. The first few locks are already set for us by a BW man so all looks fair. As we proceed either Pete or I go ahead to prepare the next lock. About half way down we met 3 boats coming up, meaning that all the locks below should be either full or nearly so. The 21 locks went by quite quickly, just under 4 hours for the lot, pretty good. We've moored up just passed the junction with the Leigh Branch and will move down a bit more tomorrow.

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