Sunday, 29 April 2012

Saturday 28th April 2012
Saturday was a fairly good day. Only the wind getting in the way a bit.
Yours truly pulled a silly stunt and forgot to pick up one of the mooring pins we used last night, means we must get one at our earliest opportunity. First chance came up at L &L Cruisers, near bridge 71. After a lot of difficult manoeuvring because of the wind and another boat moored on their frontage I got in, but they didn't stock pins. On we trogged  to White Bear Marina, where once again there was a boat occupying the space we wanted. Luckily they were just leaving and the wind abated for a short time so we got in without too much trouble. Large chandlery and engine repairs advertised on a board outside so I thought we could even get the fuel filters we need. No chance! The chandlery and repair business we just shutting down and all stock had been sent away. Oh well.
We pressed on then as far as the top of the Wigan flight where we moored up and I went into town to carry out a raid on Tesco.
Sunday looks like being a no go, with warnings of wind and heavy rain.
Here it is Sunday morning and the Met Office didn't lie. It's lashing down outside so we're sitting still. Tomorrow looks quite fine so hopefully we'll get off down the notorious flight of 23 locks into the heart of Wigan. We are hoping another boat will want to go down at the same time to make life easier.

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