Sunday, 1 April 2012

These pics of the 3 and 5 rise locks were taken last year
Sunday 1st. April 2012
We awoke to glorious sunshine this morning, although it was a bit cold (frost on the boat). Setting off about 9.30 with our goal today being the top of Bingley 5 Rise.
There was one single lock and one two chamber staircase, along with several swing bridges before we arrived at the bottom of Bingley 3 Rise. We waited while a boat completed the down passage and then the lock keeper beckoned us in. At both the 3 and the 5 rise locks there are BW lock keepers to control the use of the locks and assist the passage. This makes life very easy.
We were asked if we intended to continue our journey after completing the locks, which we didn't. Good decision! If we had wanted to go on, we couldn't have. It seems that an electrically operated road bridge over the canal has failed, so the canal has come to a standstill. Hopefully it will be mended in time for our onward journey tomorrow.
There's a fine little cafe here at the top of the locks so we decided to have spot of lunch, and I got some ice cream for after dinner tonight. I then got the bike from the top of the boat, pumped up the tyres and put a bit of lubricant on the appropriate parts before taking it for a short shake down run. The next section of canal, to Skipton, while being lock free, is liberally sprinkled with swing bridges. I hope to use the bike to ride ahead and prepare them for the boats, thus saving a lot of time.

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