Thursday, 19 April 2012

Thursday 19th April 2012
After looking at the weather this morning ( I know! I'm obsessed with it, but it does effect us greatly) we decided to move down to Nelson where there is a nice secure mooring with access to a Morrison's super market.
The first lock was nearly full so was soon ready for Cath to enter, and we were off.
The next lock was empty so I started filling it while Cath waited in the tail of first one to keep out of the wind. Just as I started to empty the second lock another boat came into sight and a lady come up from it. they had been told that we were on the way down by some BW men and they had left the next two locks full with the gates open ready for us. Result!
Two locks further on there was another person waiting with the gates open and and he told me his boat was waiting at the bottom of the flight for us to complete out passage and that all the locks were now in our favour. Wow, what luck!
While doing the locks a little bit of rain came down, but not a lot. We started off from the last lock with only a couple of miles left to do. Again it rained a little bit, but not much and I just hid under my brolly. Just by bridge 141d there is one of those rare things on the system, a recycling point for boaters, which gave me a chance to get rid of the oil I have accumulated from several engine oil changes. Then it was just a short run to the Morrison's mooring. We were joined here for a short time by a hotel boat. This is the first one I've seen on this canal and the first wide beam hotel boat as well. The owner told me they are the only 5 star rated hotel boat on the system. They designed it themselves, based on a Leeds short-boat.

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