Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday 15th April 2012
On Saturday we returned to Gargrave and then set off in pursuit of some local caches with Paul and Jacqui. There are three in the village, the first two give the co-ordinates to find the third. We ended up wading across the river twice. there are stepping stones but after the recent rain several of them are under the water.
Last night we ate out at The Swan, a great meal but we were surprised to find that they don't accept plastic of any type, luckily we had cash on us, but it could have been embarrassing.
This morning, in glorious sunshine, we set off to once again for East Marton. We teamed up with another boat for the 9 locks. It was a good day, at a lot of the locks we met oncoming boats meaning plenty of help and the lock ready for us. As the day wore on it got colder and just after we moored up it started to hail.

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