Monday, 17 June 2013

Monday 17th June 2013
We had word that mooring in Newark could be problematic as it was a popular spot so decided not to be a late starter.
After depositing some rubbish and chucking a can we set off for Nether Lock, only about 5 miles away.
It was a joy not to be in a convoy and off the tidal bit of the navigation, allowing us to chug along at a much reduced pace.
A call on the radio ensured that the lock was ready for us when we arrived and we were soon approaching the mooring pontoons hoping for a space.
We were lucky! There was one slot left and we snuggled into it. There are power hook-up here so out with the lead and card. I misread the pole at our stern, it has one 16 amp and one 64 amp plug and I mistakenly thought I didn't have access to the 16 amp one. I took the lead to the pole in front and and all went well.
Later the boat in front left and two others came and breasted up in that slot. They both needed power and asked if I could use the pole at our stern. I had noted my error about access so said ok and started to move my lead.
No good deed ever goes unpunished! That pole has a fault on it, and now I've let the other go. All is not lost though, Starlight Express has said we can have the pole for a few hours tomorrow to do a wash load, and that's all we need.
Another thread to the story, I went up to the C&RT office to report the fault, and although they were closed (open 10.00 to 12.00 only), someone let me in and have now called an electrician so maybe it can be fixed tomorrow.
This afternoon we took a walk into town and I took a few snaps.
A striking chimney

Part of Newark College teaches violin making and repair

 St. Mary Magdalene
St. Mary Magdalene

Looks like a fine place to drink

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