Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Wednesday 12th June 2013
Setting off this morning at about 8.15 we planned to go as far as Sykehouse lift bridge.
The sky was overcast, but the forecast predicted only a 20% chance of rain. The trip to the turn at Knottingley, is a pleasant little run. The canal edge in Knottingley has been planted with some lovely flowers.

The turn at Knottingley, where you can continue straight on through a lock down onto the Aire, is marked by an established shipbuilding and repair yard, John Harker's

Passing Kellingley Colliery, the navigation continues through open country with the condensing towers of many power stations visible in the distance. The closest of these is Eggborough Power Station. It looks as if someone is trying to take over from them.
Is that the backup for when the fire goes out?

Whitley and Pollington locks came and went quite quickly. Polliington lock was receiving some maintenance, and the engineers kindly operated the lock for us.
Now where did I drop that spanner?

Turning onto the South Yorkshire Navigations, crossing the River Went, we decided not to bother stopping at Sykehouse lift bridge, but to carry on and finish this stretch of canal which contains 6 swing or lift bridges and a lock.
Throughout the morning the wind had been rising, and as we turned south it was straight on our bow, strong enough to raise white horses on the canal.
At the end of this stretch of canal there is an aqueduct across the River Don, guarded by two enormous guillotine gates

Shortly after crossing this we moored up for the night.

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