Monday, 3 June 2013

Monday 3rd June 2013
The fine weather continues, so we 
decided to take a train journey to Harrogate for the day.
Cath needed a new pair of shoes for this coming weekend's wedding and couldn't find anything suitable in Leeds. Knowing that there's a "Hotter" shop in Harrogate, and she likes them, that was the main reason for our trip.
While there we took the opportunity to enjoy some of the lovely town park areas. I also visited the spa Museum. Disappointingly it was quite small, but you do get a chance to sniff the local spa water. UG! it's awful! And they used to drink it for health. The smell is really bad, sulphurous is the best description.
Luckily the gardens have better things to sniff. The park we visited was busy with lots of young people and mothers with small kids out enjoying the sunshine.
Must just mention the lunch we had. We chose a place called The Montpellier and went for the Yorkshire Plate, a sharing option. It contains ham, beef, pate, cheese, and crusty bread and butter with a little salad. If you get the chance it's well worth the visit, there was plenty of it and all seemed good quality.

I've added this picture which I forgot to put in the blog from our weekend at Woodlesford. These are the wares of a water dwelling wood carver who is moored there. It makes a change from gnomes for the garden.

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