Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Wednesday 26th june 2013
Still chasing the starter motor. This morning RCR recovered the old one from the company that said it was BER and have now sent it to another to see what they can do.
I started the genny and we got a wash load started. With water now becoming an issue I took the new barrels over to the garage and washed them out before filling them. I'm having to use the water hose set up by the garage to top up cooling systems, so it doesn't run very fast. I managed to find a bit of hose long enough to use as a syphon so that I don't have to tip the water into our tank.
After lunch we took a walk towards town, diverting to take a look at the base of the castle.

 I think the foundations are fairly solid

The drinking exploits of our soldiers may have started here
 The thing to see here is this old pub. As the sign claims, it is supposed to be very old
When we returned to the boat there were people moored up fairly near so I had to apologize to and warn them that I was going to run the genny for a while.
Still no further word on the starter motor.

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