Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Tuesday 18th June 2013
A grand day. The sun shone and we're in a lovely place. Newark is wonderful. We wandered into town this morning and did a bit of shopping. Later we had a look to see which restaurant we fancied for a meal out tonight. We chose Rushton's, a lovely little place on Stodman Street.
A good choice it turned out. Great food, good service, I hope we will return the next time we're in Newark.
The man came to repair the power pole this morning and now we and Itchy Feet, the boat astern of us, are amicably sharing the single 16 amp outlet between us.
Not so amicable is the chap behind them. At 11.30 last night he started his engine and when asked to shut the noisy thing off got very rude to the lady doing the asking. We didn't know about the altercation until this morning, but did hear the engine, I thought it was from the other side of the river though.

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