Thursday, 20 June 2013

Thursday 20th June 2013
Looking at the dire predictions from the Met Office last night we decided to get a reasonably early start this morning.
Duly we fell out of the pit at 7.00 and after breakfast we set off at about 8.00. Stoke Lock appeared in sight just before 9.30, so instead of leaping off and self operating it we decided to wait for the lockie, it would be only a few minutes.
Quickly through, we continued on our way, passing under Radcliffe Viaduct which carries the Nottingham to Grantham railway line.

The cast iron span on the right here looks as if it may be a repair or and afterthought but it is in fact original. When the line was built the Trent Navigation Company demanded a 100ft. clear span for their boats, so a conventional multi arch viaduct was built, but this cast iron span had to be used to get the clearance required.

Holme Lock is the last, or first if you're going north, on the commercial river. It is accompanied by these huge control gates on the weir, seen here.

Close to Trent Bridge, the Nottingham Canal rises off the river through Meadow Lane Lock. You're then immediately into the urban environment, buildings and businesses crowd around the canal. There are also plenty of modern apartment buildings vying for a view of the water.
next up is Castle Lock, and then the visitor moorings start. We chose one close to the supermarket, not far from a footbridge across the canal to access the road into the city. We'll do a little exploring tomorrow.
Here's our present position.

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