Thursday, 13 June 2013

Thursday 13th June 2013
Despite the dire predictions of the Met. Office we've had a good day.
Setting off fairly early this morning we turned the corner at Bramwith Junction and headed for the lock mooring. There was a wide beam ahead of us preparing the lock for themselves so I went up to assist. A C&RT man then turned up saying that their workboat was just coming around the corner. With his wide workboat in the lock he asked if we would move Lyra so that they could moor on the single lock mooring when they came out.
By now 3 other boats had turned up going the same way as us, two narrow, and one wide so it was decided to use the full length lock and get us all in. At Bramwith the lock is in two parts. One part is short, about 62 ft. the second is wider and much longer. Lyra moved into the short chamber, the top gates were shut (because the C&RT man told us not to try filling the second chamber with the doors open), the bottom gates were shut and the paddles on both top and middle gates opened. When the lock was full the top gates were reopened and all boats floated in.
The two narrow beam craft were continuing on to Keadby while we needed to stop for the services so we told them not to hold the bridge for us. Shark, the wide beam, volunteered to close the lock for us all as they were ending their journey here.
After using the facilities the lady from Shark also operated Bramwith swing bridge for us. Lovely people!
The journey to Thorne from there was pleasant, and we arrived before midday. No rain had fallen!
I then took the trolley into town and raided the local shops. The butcher looked good so I got some steak for Friday night.
We've had some showers and a bit of thunder this afternoon but we have remained dry. Tomorrow we hope to make it to Keadby without getting wet as well.

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