Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Tuesday 1st May 2012
We decided to try to move a little closer to the supermarket today. The book showed mooring below the next lock and also below the lock after that, at Wigan Pier, which would put us quite close to make life easier.
I thought that we should go down the first lock and then I'd walk down a bit to see if the mooring further on was ok. I picked a spot to tie up where there were some rings when Cath noticed that just the other side of the canal there was a mooring which looked secure. Sure enough, although the book doesn't mention it there are two secure 48 hr. moorings here outside the BW office.
I went into the office to ask if the mooring at The Pier was ok and they advised me that while there was mooring there, it wasn't a good idea (night club, yobs, etc.), so we'll stay here. While in the office I booked our passage into Liverpool for Friday, 11th  of May, and our return for Thursday  17th.
I must say that, as usual, the BW staff were very friendly, helpful and efficient.

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