Friday, 27 July 2012

Friday 27th July 2012
A bit of a lie in this morning. With only about 6 miles to go to Braunston we decided to wait a bit before setting off to allow anyone mooring there who wanted to move on a bit of time to get going, and give us a better chance of finding somewhere to tie up.
At Napton Junction the Oxford Canal and Grand Union join for a short period, they continue along to BraunstonTurn. Just past the junction we came across a boat which had pulled its front mooring pin and had floated across the canal, blocking passage. We pulled in, and with the help of another boat we managed to get it pulled back to the bank and, hopefully, safely tied up again.
On reaching Braunston the canals divide, the Oxford heading north towards The Coventry Canal and we turned right, continuing our journey along The Grand Union.
We've stopped here in Braunston, a well known and popular place on the canal system. There's a fine pub, a couple of chandlers, and a steep walk up the hill brings you to Braunston Village which boasts a very good, well stocked local shop, a butcher and a tea shop. We may decide to stay another day and sample the pub fare tomorrow night.

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