Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Tuesday 17th July 2012
At last we're on the move again. With our friends at the Met Office promising us a better day we decided to make a run for it.
First thing was a trip around the Oozells  Street Loop to visit Sherborne Wharf where we needed to buy a fresh gas bottle and dump some used oil from 3 engine oil changes. The other day I called round to them and asked if they would accept waste oil. The chap said no problem, the tank is round the back. This morning we went around and while a new gas bottle was sorted for us I took our oil and put it into their tank. When I came to pay I thought the price of gas was a bit steep, but it turned out they charge £4.50 for the privilege of dumping the oil. The trouble is there are so few opportunities to recycle oil on the canals.
After that we travelled through the Gas Street area, the heart of the BCN. Past the ICC, and lot of the pubs and eateries around Brindley Square. Under Broad Street, past Gas Street Basin and on to The Mailbox. 
After that we continued along the Birmingham and Worcester Canal as far as Kings Norton Junction where we turned left onto The Stratford on Avon Canal.
Almost immediately the surroundings change to rural. While there are houses around, they're mostly hidden by the trees.
We've now moored up near Shirely for the night, and are keeping a close eye on the weather again. Tomorrow isn't looking good at present, but we'll wait and see.
I had another go at a video using my phone. This time of our trip though the gas street area. Hope it works.

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