Saturday, 28 July 2012

Saturday 28th July 2012
Saturday evening, and all's well.
We decided to spend the day here in Braunston, so after a lovely lazy lie in I did a very quick wipe down of the side of Lyra facing the tow path and then, when a space became available we moved across the cut to moor outside The Boat, a fine pub, with its own mooring. We've eaten here before and enjoyed it.
Once tied up we took a walk up the hill into the village. The tea shop provides a fine ice cream dish and we both sampled the wares before crossing the road and shopping in the local store.
The village church was preparing for a wedding, and in the main street we saw cars being decked out with ribbon, so it was obviously a big local do.
This afternoon I cleaned the other side of the boat, then took a wander to the local chandlers for a browse around the toy shop, but didn't buy anything.
This evening we went to the pub for a meal, and weren't disappointed. 
Tomorrow we'll head off through Braunston Tunnel and probably go as far as Norton Junction.

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