Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Welch Road Lock. the older narrow lock is now an overflow
Tuesday 24th July 2012
Another beautiful day dawned, and after breakfast I took a trip up to the local Co-op to buy some razors which I forgot yesterday.
About 9 we set off again reckoning to get a about 3 hours of travel in.
The sun beat down relentlessly, I love it, but Cath isn't quite so keen. At the first 3 locks Cath took lock wheeling duties while I lazed about driving the boat. The next lock had a crew waiting for us and told us not to bother getting off the boat. Lovely! The final one today was Welch Road Lock where we have moored up for the day after going through.
We've stopped here before, when we came up from Oxford 2 years ago.

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