Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Wednesday 11th July 2012
Yet again, the best laid plans...... A look at the forecast this morning and a change was called for. The weatherman was now saying yellow warning all day today, with improvements tomorrow morning. So, time for another plan. While we considered our options there was a break in the torrential rain, so knowing the accuracy of our Met Men I decided to make a run for it, not the way we had planned yesterday, but take the longer, easier route back to Wolverhampton for the night, and on to Birmingham tomorrow.
On with full rain gear, and off we went. The clear patch didn't last long, and soon it was pelting down again. Then, suddenly the engine struggled and practically came to a stop. Something on the propeller, A quick dive into the weed hatch and a handful of plastic later we were off again.
Over the next 5 hours I took eight excursions into the hatch, fetching out, as well as the usual plastic, a complete jumper, and a considerable part of a sari. In all it nearly filled a black bin bag.
Just after we arrived at Wolverhampton and moored up, the clouds parted and we've had a great, sunshiny afternoon.
Tomorrow we'll go back to Birmingham and see what develops.

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