Thursday, 12 July 2012

The improvements to the weather alluded to on the Met Office website yesterday morning had, by the evening changed to glorious nearly all day.
This morning we awoke to clear blue sky, and although it was quite cool what a spur that was to the spirits. It's amazing what a bit of the old current bun will do.
We cast off fairly early this morning in order to get to Birmingham as early as possible and bag a mooring. We fairly flew along the Wolverhampton level, and on reaching Factory Locks, which let you down onto The Birmingham Level, the new Main Line, we were greeted by two C&RT workmen who very kindly set the locks for us  (for those who don't know this is the new name for British Waterways and stands for Canal and River Trust).
It was a magic carpet ride down the three locks, then just an 8 mile blast to the moorings outside Oozells Street Loop.
We're now neatly tied up and hopefully will spend a few lazy days here.

Bromford Junction, up to the old main line

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