Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Wednesday 4th July 2012
Yesterday was a total washout. We had to move to fill the water tank so we chugged on down to Cambrian Wharf and got in line for the water point. It's only a trickle here so it takes a long time. The whole process took about 2 hours with the travel and waiting.
It rained most of day and while Cath watched tennis I took a wander into town and around the Bull Ring.
Today isn't much better, with the weather supposed to be better early we set off the shop at the big Tesco. We hadn't gone far before it rained. It didn't stop all morning. By about midday it dried up a bit so I took another walk around. There was a small street market in town and I couldn't resist some lovely looking steak on one of the stands. There's a music for youth event going on this week and I got a photo of some of the players by the fountain in Brindley Square. there's also a picture of the new Central Library building going up here and view of Queens Square.
Hopefully tomorrow we'll set off again as long as the weather is as promised.

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